How to throw a dart

how to throw a dartFor my first post I want you to show the correct technique for throwing a dart.

Throwing darts is a game that involves firing small projectiles on a particular spot on the board. The following are the proper techniques of throwing a dart:

  1. Pick a dart and check to ensure the tip is straight and that the part that holds the flight in place is tightly screwed onto the part you grip when throwing. Hold the dart in a manner in which the end points up using at least three fingers to provide finger coordination.
  2. Stand in a position in which the hand you intend to throw the dart with corresponds to your feet perpendicularly (improve your stance).
  3. Put your rear foot in a location that quickly distributes the weight of your body. If you wobble in the process of throwing the dart, you need to spread your legs further apart.
  4. Stand straight, with your shoulder back but comfortable and in line with the center of the board.
  5. Slightly bend your waist forward but make sure that your balance remains stable. Keep in mind that you should maintain a firm and unshakable posture throughout.
  6. Embrace a tight and stable grip without putting tension on the muscles of your fingers; this prevents the dart from sliding and also helps you maintain control when speeding for a throw.In case your fingers are sweaty,consider spreading cue chalk to help you with the grip.Avoid using the whole fist.
  7. When throwing, you should move only your throwing arm. Moving the whole body will make it impossible to release the dart at the same point with your throw. Always follow throughwith your hand to stop the dart from moving left or right.
  8. Repeat other throws at the exact same pointh in the exact same way. Selecting a spot and trying to hit it several times gives you precision. After several attempts, your eyes and hand will eventually correct for your throw making it more accurate.